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I paid my fees but my account hasn't been activated

If you have paid your membership fees, and still waiting for your account to be activated there are a couple of reasons:
1. Our membership coordinator has not yet had a chance to process your membership. We are a volunteer-based organisation, so things aren't always able to be processed immediately. Although we will do our best to process memberships as soon as possible after we receive your funds, please allow up to 10 days for your membership to be activated.
If you have been waiting longer than 10 days, please contact our membership coordinator at membership@mass.asn.au

2. In order to process your application we need 2 things:
A) A completed member profile on our website. This includes provision of a valid address and contact phone numbers, as well as a validated email address
B) Payment of the membership fee received into the MASS bank account

If either of these things are not met, we will not be able to process your membership applciation.

Membership Here are a few tips that might be able to help

On submitting a member application, you would have received an email saying your application has be sent secuffuly
If you have not provided a valid address, phone numbers and email address we will not be able to process your application.
Please Note it is important you check you have done these
When you submit your fees,by either Pay Pal or Bank Deposit IT IS ESSENTIAL that you include YOUR USERNAME . We do not need any other words, just your username.

If we do not have your username or personal name identifying the deposit, we will not know who has made the deposit, so we will not be able to know that you have paid your fees.

If you are still having problems after having been through all of this, please contact our membership coordinator at membership@mass.asn.au
Membership & Renewals
If you would like to join the MASS website (not the MASS area on MASA) for the first time, or you are a lapsed member who has never signed up a profile on this website,
then please proceed to Mass Member Area and submit your username and password You will receive an automated email with further instructions

* If you are an existing or lapsed member who would like to reactivate their old membership profile on this website,
then all that is required is to forward your membership payment as per the details below:

Membership ....... $20

You can pay by Direct Deposit or by Paypal

I am already a paid MASS member, but cannot access the MASS website
If you believe you are a current paid member, but cannot log into either member areas please consider the following:

1. You must have an account set up on the MASS website. Even if you already have access to RTAW as a MASS member, if you have not previously registered an account on the MASS Members Area website, you will need to do so in order to be able to access the MASS Member area of the website to go through the registration process. Complete and submit the form
When you have completed that process, our membership coordinator will authorise your account once they have confirmed your membership status.

2. If you have previously registered an account on the MASS website, but have forgotten your username and/or password, please try to use the "Forgot login" link in the left-hand menu. This system works very well and will solve most problems. If you cannot remember the email address you used to register previously, you can contact a committee member via membership@masa.asn.au

3. If you have accessed the MASS website previously but your username and password are not working, it is possible that your membership has expired and you have not paid for the next year's membership. We are pretty generous about cut-off dates for renewal, but there does come a time when we do some housekeeping around site access. Please contact the membership coordinator to arrange for payment of your membership fees, and we will reactivate your account


What's the difference between MASS and MASA

MASS is the Marine Aquarium Society of Sydney.
We are a local aquarium society who meet once a month, typically in the home of one of our members. Whilst our focus of our activities are mainly centred in Sydney, we do have many members from regional NSW as well, and regularly hold activities in the Hunter / Central Coast, Illawarra and Blue Mountains. Further details regarding MASS and its activities can be found throughout our site The website you are reading right now is owned and run by MASS.

MASA is the Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia.
MASA is an umbrella organisation that represents all of the various local Marine Aquarium Societies around the country. MASS is a member of MASA.
At this time there are 6 member organisations affiliated with MASA:
- Marine Aquarium Society of Sydney (MASS)
- Marine Aquarium Society of Victoria (MASOV)
- Marine Aquarium Society of Western Australia (MASWA)
- Marine Aquarium Society of Queensland (MASQ); and
- Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia Orphans Group - MASAOG.
- Marine Aquarium Society of Regional Queensland (MASRQ)

MASA is run by a steering committee, constituted of 2 representatives from each of the Member societies.

Among other things, MASA runs a website and bulletin board forum called Reefing the Australian Way (RTAW). Many MASS members have been introduced to MASS through their involvement on the MASA website, and most MASS members choose to participate there regularly. However participation on RTAW is by no means compulsory.
MASS has a Members-only access subforum on the RTAW Forums, and this forum tends to be the main day-to-day contact point for MASS Members. We endeavour to ensure that major MASS announcements, news and events will always be posted on the MASS site.


Due to MASS's affiliation with MASA, our members are eligible for a range of discounts with businesses who have partnership agreements with MASA.

A list of partners that provide discounts to all of the MASA-related societies can be found RTAW Business Directory MASA Partners and Sponsors Page in the RTAW Business Directory. This page is the most comprehensive list of current discounts available to members, and is well worth a look. These businesses support MASA and its online resources, so it is worthwhile to support them in return.

In addition, MASS may at times have separate agreements with businesses, which apply to MASS members only. As they arise, these will be posted
- on the MASS website,
- in the MASS Members Forum; and/or
- in the MASS Partners and Sponsors Page in the RTAW Business Directory

MASS Members are also eligible to participate in Group Buys within the RTAW Group Buys Forum, which enables groups of hobbyists to take advantage of discounts associated with buying equipment, drygoods and livestock in larger quantities. Whilst these buys are run sporadically, they can result in substantial cost savings, as well as providing access to specialist items that may be difficult for individuals to obtain.

More informal MASS-only Group Buys may also be run periodically in the MASS Members Forum