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The MASS Story


The Marine Aquarium Society of Sydney (MASS) is a non-profit association for marine aquarium enthusiasts  within Sydney and regional NSW

We are dedicated to advancement and knowledge base  of the Marine Aquarium hobby in Sydney and the whole of Australia

MASS was established in 2000, holding its first meeting in March of that year, and was established as an Incorporated Association with the NSW Office of Fair Trading in April 2006.

MASS is an affiliated member society of the Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia (MASA)

also Reefing the Australian Way


The Start of MASS

The idea behind the creation of MASS originally emerged from discussions between a couple of friends comparing the state of the local hobby with that of our counterparts in Overseas mainly Europe and North America, and what was seen as a lack of access to leading edge hardware and equipment, and more importantly independent, reliable advice. The time for a marine aquarium society in Sydney seemed well overdue.

What began with just a handful of individuals has grown substantially to just shy of 200 members encompassing all walks of life. The diverse background of MASS members, including private hobbyists from all walks of life through to, aquarium business professionals serves to highlight the different attractions and reasons why people become involved in this hobby, and also the utility of the hobby to educate the general public about the plight of the world's reefs.

Benefits of membership

Aside from the obvious benefits mentioned on our membership information page the opportunity of engaging with other like-minded marine aquarists in the greater Sydney area, some of the many benefits enjoyed by MASS members include:

  • Monthly meetings for social interaction and education
  • Occasional members only special events and tours
  • Access to various loan equipment, such as test kits and equipment
  • Access to a lending library of excellent aquarium reference books and magazines
  • Discounts at various retail affiliates of MASS and MASA
  • Members only group-buys
  • A chance to view some of the best marine aquariums in NSW and share ideas with their owners.

As we grow

We believe that the future of the hobby will be built by developing successful and enthusiastic hobbyists. And we believe that the best way to do that is to bring together like-minded individuals to share their experiences, knowledge and ideas with each other. We seek to foster a community of individuals who are prepared to go out of their way to assist others to increase their knowledge and skills in caring for the fascinating creatures with which we are so privileged to share our homes with. Hopefully, it will be the face to face contact, discussion of problems and dissemination of useful information that will be MASS's real contribution to the hobby



Monthly Meetings

MASS meets every month, typically in the home of one of the members, giving attendees the chance to see a range of livestock, setup options and methodologies. Meetings are generally a relaxed affair over a BBQ or alike and a few beverages, with plenty of opportunity for informal discussion, as well as more structured presentations, demonstrations or guest speakers.

The MASS Book and Equipment Lending Library are brought to each meeting, and are available for the borrowing of a range of titles to financial society members. We also have a full set of test kits and a salinity refractometer, enabling members to bring water samples for on-the-spot assessment.

Meetings provide a fabulous opportunity to swap and trade livestock between members. Most meetings see a variety of zip-lock bags, containers and eskies containing an array of coral frags, fish, snails, macro algae, live sand, corallimorphs and zoanthids being swapped between members. Many members are actively involved in captive propagation of marine fish and invertebrates.

The regular date is the 3rd Sunday of the month, although we will mix it up occasionally with a Saturday or a mid-week meeting depending on the needs of hosts or members.

We generally endeavour to hold at least one meeting a year in each of the regional areas of    - Central Coast / Newcastle, - Blue Mountains; and - Illawarra.


We hope this has given you some insight to the many and varied aspects of the Marine Aquarium Society of Sydney